Let your business thrive... 

Your business is a means to an end and should provide a platform for you to have and do what's meaningful to you.

And while building a business has never been easier, it can also be a struggle. Get one or two components wrong and you could find yourself working much harder than you need to. We've developed a four part model that can support you and your platform - Projects, Promotions, People and Processes. 

​This framework is universal and can be applied to any business. We'd love to help you with yours so you can leverage your expertise and deliver the rewards you strive for...

The Leverage Lab Framework 


Everything you need to build a successful business in the knowledge economy starts with a project. Whether it’s growing your team, building your brands or launching a promotion, a properly managed project is the most surefire way you have of getting the results you want.

Learn how to:

  • Plan your business projects with just the right amount of detail
  • Set realistic milestones for you and your teams
  • Keep everyone in the business on the same page
  • Stay focused and avoid ‘bright shiny object syndrome’
  • Adjust project steps and time frames based on reality vs projections
  • Measure your success!


dollar symbol

Any project designed to return a profit is a promotion. If you aren’t running regular promotions your business cannot thrive.

Learn how to:

  • Establish and run profitable projects
  • Establish and run projects that diversify your income streams
  • Run multiple promotions consecutively with your team
  • Have your teams set up scorecards so you can monitor the results in real time
  • Know when and how to adjust if a promotion isn’t running according to plan
  • Set up a promotion to become an ongoing process once it’s been proven successful
  • Phase your promotions so they get maximum launch value
  • Test a promotion through a controlled Pilot Program
  • Choose and partner with other businesses that support you and your business goals



Having teams that complement your strengths and share your vision is essential.

Learn how to:

  • Make yourself dispensable so your business can flourish without you
  • Ensure you have the right team members in the right positions
  • Empower your project leaders to manage you effectively
  • Manage multiple teams creating multiple streams of income
  • Refine your rhythm so you can be of maximum value to your team
  • Establish accountability at all levels of the business
  • Build teams that are loyal to you, your enterprise and its promise



Successful projects and promotions become processes

Learn how to:

  • Establish an annual and quarterly planning rhythm that supports your long-term business vision
  • Establish time management practices for you and your teams that support your projects and promotions
  • Set up standards and standard operating procedures that ensure consistency of performance
  • Measure and make meaning of what matters most in your business
  • Choose systems and tools that are a fit for your business (CRMs, marketing tools, back-end project management systems, delivery platforms, money management, etc)
  • Integrate your systems and tools so they form part of a larger business ecosystem
  • Review and optimise your business processes for maximum profitability


Your Platform

As an expert in your field, your business success revolves around multiple brands, your Personal Brand, your Company Brand, and your Product Brands.

Learn how to:

  • Articulate and communicate your personal mission
  • Establish and execute an ‘enterprise promise’ that makes your business appealing in the market place
  • Build a loyal and thriving community that aligns enthusiastically with your mission and promise
  • Develop products and product brands that have innate appeal to your target market

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