Leverage Lab is a joint venture between Purpose Driven Projects and Help Me Leverage and combines the expertise of both companies.

We help six figure business owners (and aspiring six figure business owners) develop and implement solid promotional and operational strategies so that their business can thrive and their teams can flourish.

Purpose Driven Projects
Help Me Leverage

Your Leverage Lab Principal Trainers

Melanie Colling

Melanie Colling

“I train and coach entrepreneurs to maximise business growth through profitable projects.I help people help themselves, to empower them to make a positive impact on our global community.

I do this by identifying value, both personal and business and how to leverage this value by applying our unique 'Leverage Lab Framework' incorporating Wealth Dynamics principles.

I am an industry Certified Project Management Professional with over 20 years project management experience.

Brett Jarman

Brett Jarman

“I help business to business consultants and coaches, experts and authorities use advanced strategies to leverage their business so they can focus on what they do best, and earn more while working less.

My experience of more than 30 years as an owner of several small service and manufacturing businesses and almost 20 years of consulting has given me the skills to develop innovative approaches.

Leverage in the consulting and 'authority' business is about much more than just selling more stuff to more people.

That’s part of it but I’ll also show you but how to leverage: your time, your expertise, your money, your client base, your technology, your network and even your 'competition'.